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The Flash Dad Theory

Ok so I watched The Flash tonight....and watched the way the show is building Joe up. Maybe its because I just got off doing National November Writing Month...but it got me thinking that if I was a real writer.. wouldn't it be interesting if Barry, fresh from forgiving Harrison Wells (Eobard Thawne edition) who sort…
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Mr Robot: The Next Episode

Warning this article MAY contain Spoilers for episode 9.... (possibly...because it's Mr Robot and nothing is what it seems). I have to admit. I let this blog slide into decay - partly because I was distracted by the state of my country and partly because I wasn't feeling very inspired or compelled to write about…
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Tonight Belongs to Datak

Tonight, I'm pretty sure Defiance entered the big leagues in Sci-Fi for taking things just that one surprising step forward.  I've always enjoyed Defiance (on SyFy) - I liked the casting (can't fault the crew) but I always worried that the writing wouldn't expand enough - quickly and cleverly. I loved the concept of the…
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A strange dream

I was walking through a large tall city of marble that smelled of corrupted lavender and dead crow (the only two signs that something was wrong). It seems almost deceptively heavenly and historically Roman except there was no peace.  People were openly passionate with others (in all ways – love, angry, lust, hate) and they…
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My first experience with the supernatural concept that is "Constantine" was the Keanu Reeves movie. Which I like. (Take that Statis Quo) and Own on DVD (not blu-ray...DVD). In Special Edition Format. (Yep-bought it - Twice!) My second experience was with the comics (a natural journey into the strange) and they were ok. Needed better…
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When an atomic bomb was used in 1945 it left not just a dark smear in history, it also possibly created one of the largest sins humanity created on the Earth. It marked a line not just being crossed - but erased. And it left a legacy that must not be forgotten. In October there…
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Rush (USA)

It's always excellent to see more of Tom Ellis on tv - but to see him as the lead actor on a well written show was absolutely phenomenal.  Rush (on USA) is a medical drama with a few quirks and twists (all called Dr Rush).  And we love it.  A strong pilot and a very…
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