Specific phobias affect an estimated 19.2 million adult Americans1 and are twice as common in women as in men.10 The causes of specific phobias are not well understood, though there is some evidence that these phobias may run in families.11 Specific phobias usually first appear during childhood or adolescence and tend to persist into adulthood.12 Typically, social anxiety disorder begins in the teenage years and does not improve without treatment. The mechanisms or causes underlying the disease are unknown but may involve multiple predisposing factors. These potential factors include genetic background, traumatic early emotional learning experiences, observation and modeling of parental behaviors, and biological irregularities in brain chemical systems. People with the disorder often report having been shy or behaviorally inhibited as small children and, in severe cases, a child with social anxiety may not want to go to school (Beidel 1998). Page/Link: A slimming pill that seemed too good to be true? It turned out it was. purchase cheap phentermine obesity medication list, One of the best ways to sell drugs is to establish strong ties with those who directly prescribe to the customer—the medical doctors. Pharmaceutical companies fund research studies and opinion papers in scientific journals that highlight the “epidemic” of sleep disorders and the benefits of sleeping pills. Nothing influences a doctor more than published scientific research. Nothing, that is except for the provocatively dressed sales reps, providing everything from donuts to scratch pads for the doctor’s office staff. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine is the doctor’s professional organization dedicated to sleep. This credentialing body has identified 80 different sleep disorders. It receives a variety of funds from pharmaceutical companies selling sleeping pills. A slimming pill that seemed too good to be true? It turned out it was. As stated by WHO. • Nervous dyspepsia buy lorazepam at discount prices calculate getting too much sleep or not enough

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Frakkin’ Sci-Fi Curse Words

Ok so I have the maturity of a concussed kitten with catnip.  But behold! The A list of Sci Fi Curse Words "Frak"- Battlestar Galactica (original and reboot) Translation: F-word "Gorram"- Firefly Translation: G*ddamn "Rutting"- Firefly Translation: F-word "Smeg"- Red Dwarf Translation: Just an Expletive. "Frell" - Farscape Translation: F-word "Dren" - Farscape Translation: Crap…
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If you're wondering where we have been.... Doodle has been stuck at Defiance and spent her time sending Trion emails about how the mission "Bullet for A Badman" is s**t in between doing graphic designs. Tribe: Two of us have severe migraines (and need better medication....looking at you NHS) and One of us had a…
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Defiance Part 2

Within the game, I stole a crystal thing and then the characters from the tv show nicked it from me (or any Defiance Game player) and left me with a decent gun.  Then I went and watched the TV premiere and there was my crystal (referred to as a 'wotsit' ....a 3 million scrip ....wotsit)…
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I was preparing myself for Defiance - a clever game for the ps3 (xbox and pc) as well as a NEW SCI FI television show. I even bought the game and made myself a cute avatar (get it - short for Defiance).  Then came the day when the show came out. And it was frickin…
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Red Nose Day

Its that time of year again. We've already made our donation, have you? Do something funny for money and/or Donate.  You can text 70510 with the word TEN to donate £10 or FIVE to donate a £5.  You can also visit http://www.rednoseday.com , buy your red nose or Donate on the night.  If you are…
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Creative Week (at a glance)

Having completed my latest computer game foray I have come back to the real world. The real-ly creative world.  This article is more of a glance at this weeks creative news. Lets start with THE master. Leonardo's notebooks have been published online by the British Library– with or without translation. I'm not sure if the…
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Ni No Kuni : Wrath of the White Witch

If you are looking for any creative wisdom....this week I'm busy so maybe another blogger will step up unless they are similary afflicted.  Let me introduce you to Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Ni no Kuni revolves around thirteen-year-old Oliver, a resident of Motorville, whose mother, Allie, suddenly dies after rescuing him…
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Why Elementary is Better than Sherlock

Lets start with a bit of honesty - its not. Elementary will never be better than Sherlock, however today is the 13th  episode meaning that there is simply more of it. And that offsets the debate. Unfortunately our Sherlock stars have indeed become famous and this leads to delays of the BBCs measely 3 episode…
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What Happens when you type ‘Art’ into Google on the 24/01/13?

So What Happens when you type 'Art' into Google on the 24/01/13? This is what Google Images coughed up for me. And for this article - lets chose a few pics. This one is from http://www.johnlydon.com/jlart.html from a guy called John Lydon. How amazingly vibrant is this? Its a Photoshop painting featuring items of John's…
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