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A strange dream

I was walking through a large tall city of marble that smelled of corrupted lavender and dead crow (the only two signs that something was wrong). It seems almost deceptively heavenly and historically Roman except there was no peace.  People were openly passionate with others (in all ways – love, angry, lust, hate) and they…
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MCM Glasgow Comic Con (Part One)

Armed with Early Entrance Tickets and dressed in Cosplay (I kid you not), the (almost) complete doodletribe team were one hour late for Comic Con 2013 in Glasgow on the 7th of September.  The queue was insane but I was determined - I wanted my Early Entrance as prophesised on these £10 tickets and sure…
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Abercrombie and Fitch C.E.O statement.

  As some of you guys may or may not know the clothing brand Abercrombie and Fitch hit the media spotlight when back in 2006 the C.E.O Mike Jeffries stated that his brand was 'exclusionary' and a lot of people don't belong in their clothes. He was quoted saying; “Candidly, we go after the cool…
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Frakkin’ Sci-Fi Curse Words

Ok so I have the maturity of a concussed kitten with catnip.  But behold! The A list of Sci Fi Curse Words "Frak"- Battlestar Galactica (original and reboot) Translation: F-word "Gorram"- Firefly Translation: G*ddamn "Rutting"- Firefly Translation: F-word "Smeg"- Red Dwarf Translation: Just an Expletive. "Frell" - Farscape Translation: F-word "Dren" - Farscape Translation: Crap…
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