If you're wondering where we have been.... Doodle has been stuck at Defiance and spent her time sending Trion emails about how the mission "Bullet for A Badman" is s**t in between doing graphic designs.


Tribe: Two of us have severe migraines (and need better medication....looking at you NHS) and One of us had a baby (so we can let her off) but is still writing short stories (aiming for a Nobel Prize....I personally admire her moxy)

Dr. Francis Crick's Nobel Prize Medal on Heritage Auctions

So whats been going on in the world. Well - Iron Man 3 came out


and was not disappointing although I could have just listened to Robert Downey Jr making quips for the full two hours.

And Star Trek 2 ( In to Darkness) came out and to be honest I could just watch Chris Pine (Captain Kirk) and Benedict Cumberbatch ( John Harrison) stare at each other for that 2 hours. Hollywood is cruel to fangirls.


In the world of tv - Defiance got renewed (holy Shtako!), Shield (thankyou Mr Joss Whedon) is looking rather fantastic #coulsonlives and a record 114,000 tickets for the BBC Proms 2013 sell since booking opened on 11 May, a 17% rise on 2012.

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