Time And Eternity Review

PS3 time and eternity

I could be lynched for writing this but I actually enjoy playing this game.

Time and Eternity is a Jrpg (which apparently means Japanese role-playing game... but aren't most of them jrpgs?.... i don't understand the difference between regular RPGs and JRPGs) and I like this game. Its not a Final Fantasy (no-where near), Tale of Graces (not a hope) etc. But if you can get past any pre-conceptions - its a lovely game. I chose to ignore the wince-worthy sections of dialogue (mostly a very inappropriate blue dragon) and focus on the fun and often lovely bits instead.

The graphics are nice and hand-drawn. I've read other reviews that critisise the graphics - but i like the style. The characters are 2D and the environments 3D - it does take a moment (or twelve) to get used to. Its a strange combination and I recommend changing the camera (R2 seems to pull back the camera a bit and you can see your characters in full). It is Not a "A new class of hi-def animation RPG!" - because unfortunately Ni No Kuni (another stunning rpg) was released earlier in the year. At best - its pleasant.

The three main characters - you get fond of. Toki is sweet (a bit sickly) but is offset by Towa; who is fantastically harsh and brutal (my favourite). The dragon will start off as a creep but i've played it for 15hrs so far and he kinda grows on you - he has moments of insight. The writing (dialogue) could be better but its not awful.

The music is nice (composer Yuzo Koshiro) and I don't mind listening to it for hours. The 'fight' music manages to be really energetic but not irritating. I really liked the music - its not intrusive.

The combat system can be repetitive but it definately keeps you on your 'realtime' toes. There's also a thing called Time Magic which initially I ignored but later on - it will save you. The skill tree is good and helps alot.

Side Quests - I've gotten addicted.

Overall - It's an ok game. It won't win awards and by the time I've finished it...hopefully Tales of Xillia will be out. But if you want a bit of harmless fluff - its worth a gander. Honestly...I don't think the game is worth £34 - but if it drops to £19 or lower and no other rpg is available - Carry on my Wayward Sons (and daughters) and ditch any preconceptions. It's kinda fun. I know i've used phrases like 'Its nice' / 'not awful' and 'not intrusive' - i might as well write 'the company should try harder next time' - But! It's enjoyable and (brace yourself) - Different. I've never played a game quite like it.

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