The White Queen (bbc)


I've been watching a bbc drama called The White Queen which is based on a novel series called 'The Cousins' War' by Philippa Gregory.  I think, unfairly, I've been tainted by 'Game of Thrones' and 'The Tudors' and so I actually watched the first episode for about 15mins and then stopped. Perhaps the absense of dragons and sex bored me.

Then I had a sick day and decided to give it another go, minus the thoughts of other tv programmes.

And you know what - its a bloody good, well done series. And I'm glad that I got a break from those other shows (which are great in their own ways but often overdone and honestly sometimes we need to remember that they are not actually based on medieval/our history).

The White Queen is historical fiction without dragons and sex everywhere (Two versions were made, one for the BBC and a more sexually explicit version for the US (which kinda says it all about modern day television)- I am watching the BBC version thankfully). It has period costumes, political struggles and strong women.

It is less about grand set design and special effects and more about characters, complex and a satisfying drama.

Overall it has received negative reviews...often being compared to Game of Thrones (a frickin mythology!!! and completely different genre!!).

The White Queen IS a good drama.

If you can somehow avoid hollywood, and in general the weak churned out programmes that currently skew the views of people - watch it with an open mind space and you will care about these characters and you will like this show.

The cast is excellent and the show is strong.

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