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On February, 2011 a project was launched by Google - imaginatively they corporately called it Google Art Project. They decided to work with 7 international museums, including the Tate Gallery, London; the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City; and the Uffizi, Florence.  The platform basically allows users to virtually tour any partner art museum (using street view).

As you guys are probably aware - I think Art and People are tied together even if you've never picked up a brush; it inspires, connects, explores and breaths life.  It inspires generations, innovations, PlayStations and many other words ending in 'ations’.

Then in April, 2012 Google expanded this project to include 151 museums from 40 countries.  They had several strategic missions.  I won't bore you with a total breakdown (and this article will get interesting/I've wrote a poem) - There were

Virtual Tours of art
With an Education part,
Second Gen Features,
Support for Teachers

User Art Collections
For User Art Reflections
Content of Video and Audio
For a real creative Rodeo

So it really shouldn't be a surprise that this 'creative dalliance' into our creative would started with Google and now (maybe unlikely indirectly) developed something New for Amazon.

Don't be naive doodler (all of us are smart)- we all know that they are both connected; Amazon and Google....I've even stubbornly found a few connections (check out - its fantastically frightening) for you to mull over. It was a few hours exploration but I felt it was necessary (to avoid weak conspiracy theories).

links between amazon and google
So Amazon has now begun selling work done by artists with prices ranging from £29 - £3.13m.


Peter Faircy of Amazon Marketplace said the group was "excited" about the company's latest venture.

"We're thrilled to bring the excitement and emotional connection of art to our customers," he added.

"Amazon Art gives galleries a way to bring their passion and expertise about the artists they represent to our millions of customers."

Naturally Amazon have agitated people (these people are often referred to as Art 'Critics' - that in itself is another rant that there isn't enough bandwidth to cope with - What I think of 'professional' critics... should have been my Dissertation in University)

"It's demeaning for a high end artist and also for those at the lower end," said Georgina Adam of the Financial Times and the Art Newspaper (Not sure I understand why...and it really wasn't explained).

"A unique piece of art is more than just a product. It is a unique creation"

"I think the way it is sold in the Amazon way devalues it." (Tell me how?)

So what does Doodletribe think...honestly - I need to see how it operates in more depth before I cast my vote. This article was more about introducing this new concept of Amazon Art but I'm sure we'll be able to monitor feedback from users, buyers, sellers , fees etc. across the 'net and we’ll watch as always to see how motives, money and markets cope in a world where  this

Painting of shapes

Suprematist Composition by Kazimir Malevich is worth $65.8million and yet this


Test Artwork v7 (it's so stunning) by Marcelo Test goes for a tenner


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