Stand Defiant (Defiance) Trion

I am genuinely fed up with pessimists. And that’s coming from a borderline cynic (who admittedly morphs into an optimist under the influence of caffeine and lucky charms-both sold separately).
I bought Defiance (I have bought far worse games in the past that the whole world has loved and that I have hated. And yes I’m counting Call of frickin’ Duty – can’t stand it). I welcome your flames- in fact I’m the moderator – so I’ll actually allow the abuse (no swearing though – ever) that I will no doubt get for having one thing – An Opinion.
I am now in the strange position where I LIKE & even on certain days LOVE Defiance and for some reason it has the most traitorous fan- base (it’s almost an oxymoron in this scenario) I've ever had the misfortune to come across.
But I think it stems from both sides – The Developers sold DLC (Down Loadable Content) ‘Season Passes’ that was pretty much available from the beginning (April 2, 2013). It’s now August. That’s four months down the line and really there’s been no DLC. To be honest it’s like buying a Special Edition DVD that comes with an IOU note attached rather than anything ‘Special’.

BUT – Defiance is more complex than maths and logic and fan-flames – it is an experiment. I pretty much played the bugged out, flawed game knowing from the offset (because let’s face it – the pioneering nature of the project was NEVER hidden) that it’s almost like (is) a beta version of a game with great potential. I was happy to be part of something new.
I was aware from the beginning roughly what to expect. Trion described it with – “Because they exist in a single universe, the show and the game will influence each other and evolve together over time, with actions in both mediums driving the overall story of Defiance”. Did you miss the - evolve together over time – part?
It had constant patches, fixed glitches, and updates to make things smoother – that’s reality people. This (aside from the initial game price) is a Free to Play Online Shooting game that is trying to link to a TV series/world, have random in-game events and Episode-Related content whilst fixing itself to be better.
Why I am the only one surprised that these things take time? I’m not. The fact is – I don’t even think I’m the minority. When something’s good – nobody has anything to say (maybe in defence of people complaining but that’s a reaction to someone else’s action – and reacting every time is tiresome). When something is bad – people complain…loudly and with passion (which I respect) but Defiance has, in particular, an awful lot of negativity. Even before the 4 month wait for DLC.

Right now, in-game, as a game it is functioning well, introduced a few (not many but a few) episode related bits, the Volge (bad guys who are…robust to put it lightly – I got the shock of my life that day. I was underground doing the ‘Bullet For A Badman’ mission and when I came back up that’s when the Volge invasion happened on my game…it was hilarious – I ran away, got in my car and headed for the hills just to pause and work out what was going on). And even weirder – The Volge (armour covered monster) were/are scary. I was used to the alien hell-bugs (evil bugs)…. Heck I named them baby bugs, mama bugs and big-ass bugs. The Volge were just plain killers.
I also desperately want to change my characters appearance. Setting up a Character was NOT an intuitive game design – I ended up with a Mohawk. If you know me…I’m not a Mohawk-person. My character permanently wears a hat to cover said Mohawk. That makes me sad.

So where are we- yes. What Trion said.
“[Defiance] is the first multi-platform massive online shooter video game that is also a ground-breaking entertainment experience, interconnecting with a global television program on Syfy” – It says it. It is the First. The first of anything is going to need time to find it feet. Like a baby giraffe.
Now here comes the actual sad part. The pioneering game, first of its kind, constantly fixing itself to be better, with DLC on the way (most likely this month so stop biting your nails) has suffered a big hit.
“Trion Worlds is shutting down its San Diego studio which is currently the home of the online science fiction multiplayer shooter, Defiance. All of the support for Defiance will be moved to their Redwood City studio where it will be managed along side Rift”.

Speculation of whether Defiance delivered after being developed for 5yrs is rife.

It should be noted that last May, the company experienced staff cuts during its reorganization, and this new news comes on the same day that they announced Scott Hartsman as their new CEO. Previously he was Chief Creative Officer and Rift's Executive Producer.

Back to the Speculation. 5 years is a long time for a game to be in development.
December 22, 2005….2013 – that’s 8 years for Kingdom Hearts.
3 years between Resident Evil 5 and 6 (and they were almost identical games)
Call of Duty….actually I don’t care (smiley face)

You get the idea. If a Game (that’s pretty much established its characters & worlds) can take over 8 years to develop a sequel – then 5 years to develop something from scratch isn’t insane. It’s just not. Although it must be sweaty and angst-y to finance – that’s for the business peoples to risk.

So it’s been criticized for not being what it said it would be. Yet it described itself as ‘Evolving together over TIME’. So really…it’s probably still becoming what it could be. It described itself as a multi-platform massive online shooter game – Well you’d be hard pressed to avoid shooting in Defiance…there are tons of purple dots (other players) on my playstation 3. It said there would be DLC and I do understand frustrations – I tossed my money into that Season Pass too. I still have faith that I will see or be a castithan (another alien race) player at some point this month, maybe next – with shiny new weapons.

But pessimists and optimists aside; flamers and fans; hardcore gamers or casual gamers - People have lost their jobs, their livelihoods and that’s sad whatever way you look at it.
Trion issued a statement about the cuts, saying, "To best position Trion in a rapidly changing industry, we have reorganized our teams and are expanding our free-to-play offering." The company said it will continue creating new content for the game, and that the rest of its games "were unaffected by these changes." Earlier this week, Trion announced that one such title, the subscription-based fantasy MMORPG Rift, would be converted to a free-to-play game.
The layoff come a week after SyFy ordered a second season of Defiance the TV show and Trion Worlds laid out extensive downloadable content plans for the game.
Defiance has more than 1 million registered players.

Trion Worlds also has US offices in Redwood Shores, California and Austin, Texas. In addition, the company operates a studio in London, England.
It’s hard to see what’s actually going to happen. But I still reckon there’s a Defiant Few who can make Defiance (tv and game) – Brilliant.


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