MCM Glasgow Comic Con (Part One)

Armed with Early Entrance Tickets and dressed in Cosplay (I kid you not), the (almost) complete doodletribe team were one hour late for Comic Con 2013 in Glasgow on the 7th of September.  The queue was insane but I was determined - I wanted my Early Entrance as prophesised on these £10 tickets and sure enough after following the queue round the entire SECC, I presented my tickets to the poor single guy guarding the entrance like an overwhelmed storm trooper.  He let us in, much to the horror of the unorganised people who were queuing. I did not feel pity. Why people thought they would be able to turn up to the only MCM Comic Con in Scotland without a ticket is beyond me.

Spinning on, it was mobbed inside and roasting and crowded. It didn't seem like there was actually enough space for people to exist in.  We were delighted at how many people had came in full cosplay - Glasgow reaally got into the spirit of things.  It was quite a mix of people too.  There were the anime teenie boppers (teenage girls and boys) bouncing around as characters I only knew of vaguely. There were the sci-fi crews of Star Trek and Star Wars. Then there were the Gamers (Resident Evil cosplayers earned a mention), fantasy people - Game of Thrones etc and finally the superheroes; Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye etc.  It was visually stunning and promised to be a great Cosplay parade.

We registered for the Cosplay and I met an old friend - Lisa is an absolutely lovely human being and damn hard worker.

Now I should mention the queues INSIDE the venue.  I got myself a little ticket to see the Merlin Knights (which lets face it was me just indulging delusional fantasies), got my brother an autograph from Babylon 5 & Trons Bruce Boxleitner and multiple times throughout the day looked longingly at the queue to meet a voice actor called Vic Mignogna.

Vic has done the voices for anime series; Full Metal Alchemist, Vampire Knight, Naruto, Wolverine and many many more.  But that queue was never ending and I knew i could easily spend 5 hrs in that queue. I asked the staff if there were tickets available to meet him and was very kindly told (like they were negociating with a ledge jumper) that if I didn't already have a ticket - I wasn't going to get to meet him. I appreciated the candour and instead bought an awesome magazine MYM and later would go on to properly subscribe to them.

The stalls inside were extortionate and I did that annoying thing that if i liked something I would email myself with the name of said thing with plans to hit amazon and ebay when I got home.  I'm sorry but I am NEVER paying £25 for a Bazinga guitar plectrum on a chain, nor am I going to pay £50 for a hoodie (unless its made of mythril and comes with a free chocobo).

This is a Chocobo:-


The REAL heroes of the day were the independant Comic Book Village Artists. Which is where I happily blew my money.

To mention a few comics;  NeverEnding Volume #1 by Stephen Sutherland, Colin Bell and illustrated by Gary Kelly. Now it might be cheating but I went to University with Gary and honestly could not have been more surprised to find him at Comic Con as part of the Village. He was in a queue for Warwick Davis and I thought that he was just attending - then he told me that he had a stall. I couldn't have been more proud of him. His work was always flawless back in the day, don't get me wrong, but seeing a complete finished peice was almost enough to lead me to tears (ya know if I wasn't dressed as a hardcore Resident Evil fighter).

The comic itself had proper characters fleshed out enough to make me care, a strong plot (kudos to the talented writer) and flawless artwork but it also defied the statis quo by portraying a meaningful lesbian relationship that is not sensationalised, a female lead that I like (and I usually, despite being female, hate female leads because usually there are too many creative sacrifices) and artwork that pulls you in.   It was almost too good to be an Indy comic (and that is not a slight on the Indy community - a community that always deserves better recognition) but I did wander all of the Comic Book village that day (many times over infact) and the quality did vary.  I'm digital artist myself; I know talent - that is not arrogance, that is a fact and there were one or two tables I would have wiped out with a magical click of my fingers and others that were almost ready for the real world but not quite there yet.

Then at the other side of the spectrum there was Yishan Li, Gary Kelly, Rocket Puppy, Black Hearted Press and Kit Jo Yuki who could have charged for just their autographs because 'greatness' is detectable regardless of age, past success or self promotion.  I would be lying if I didn't admit that we have a 'To Watch' list of breakthrough artists and we watch these individuals with our eye of Mordor with the full expectance that they will, almost inevitably, be amazing (evolving into unique pokemon in the future).


As the day progressed, the room became almost impossibly mobbed and I started doing that very boring adult thing of completing a mental risk assessment on the venue because I was sure that somewhere 'Health and Safety' was weeping in a corner hugging a stuffed Naruto plushie and clutching World of Warcraft playing cards, rocking back and forth.  I didn't care beyond that mental image. It was nice just to be in a place where 'Hugs are Free' from random strangers and you sort of knew that we were like a giant mad family. This is one of our crew, Nicky.  And he stayed in that helmet, in boiling conditions and didn't manly faint once.a

For obvious reasons I can't post every picture on this blog (my host will have a heart attack and then rightfully send me an email gently suggesting that I don't destroy his wonderful server and our homeland) but I've put them on our facebook.

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