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In 2010, Louise Firchau started a website about making typographic paper cuts from recycled paper and since then she has pushed the very limits of what paper cutting can achieve. Her works are quirky, creative and astonishingly detailed to an almost impossible level.  And it can be found here:  I honestly can't remember how we came across her works, only that it was immediately fascinating.  She creates original, hand drawn, hand cut paper cuts (see image below) that is mind blowing in detail and imagination. papercut_papercutting_papercutter_paper_panda_louisefirchau_paperpanda_panda_ukartist_aliceinwonderland_caterpillar_1

Paper-cutting, itself, is not a new art form. In fact it's probably one of the oldest with the oldest surviving paper cut-out being a symmetrical circle from the 6th century Six Dynasties period found in Xinjiang China.  However despite the early 'start' it took a heck of a long time to catch on (By the ninth century paper-cutting appeared in West Asia. Then Turkey in the 16th century. Within a century, paper-cutting was being done in most of middle Europe.  So basically it took the same amount of time to reach Europe as any modern day letter posted via the Royal Mail).

We were captivated by Paper Panda. We, almost immediately, bought the beginners kit from her website - that is honestly worth every penny JUST for the quirky instructions that come with it. (The cutting board, knife and templates are brilliant too but I, personally, love a quirky writer).

We discovered many things - circles are hell. And that none of us will ever even be close to Paper Panda's skill at detail. But we had fun.  Immaturely we invented two games; Papercut-Racing (not recommended for sane people who like thier fingers attached) and Guess the Papercut-Movie. The one who survived the two games without any paper cuts won the badge (that was all me folks ^_^).

There's also a lovely Bird & Bunny theme running across Louise's (Paper Panda's) work, inspired by Quarwood (where she lives).  Even cuter there is a Storybook series (and other gothic style works) created by both Mr and Mrs Panda. I love the entire concept from a lovely couple living in a cottage to being surrounded by animals &  cutting stunning pictures. It's actually really really nice.  I love creative folks but over the past few years my eyes have dulled slightly when someone tells you that their art contains their pain and trauma. I much prefer a couple, in a cottage, in a forest surrounded by magic (I might have added that last bit).

"There is nothing more satisfying than creating a piece of graphic art using amazing fonts and hand cutting it so perfectly that no matter what the size it looks like it's been printed." Louise (Mrs Paper Panda)

We couldn't agree more.

We also did research and looked about to see what other paper-cutters (is that even a word) were doing but honestly we kept coming back to Louise (poor lass). Anyways - Check it out.

Or if you want to give it a go, we can personally reccomend



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