White Collar (or The Trouble With Peter Burke)

(There are Spoilers in this article about White Collar Season 5. Please be aware).

I have to admit. We're at episode eleven of series five of White Collar and I wanna smack Peter Burke with the back of my hand, onto the floor and then sit on his chest whilst demanding he apologise to Neal Caffrey or I'll make every peice of devilled-ham across the entire globe disappear. (And that's how I feel about Season 5 on a good day!)

I understand the need for right and wrong to be black and white in Peter Burkes tiny FBI head however - he is not an 11yr old girl playing with My Little Pony's - he is a grown man. And all grown ups know that there is NO black and white. Only grey.  Even a two sided coin has a rim going round it. So when I say this season of White Collar has retired all redeeming qualitys of an individual - I am NOT talking about Neal Caffrey.

This isn't about who's hot and who's not. They are both fine looking men but this season either Peter's character has run out of scope, incapable of being a man or the writing team is on some sort of sabatical and replaced themselves with concussed chimps.  It's a working theory.

White Collar (for the uninitiated and to be honest I'm not reccomending it right now anyway) is a tv show about a convicted white collar criminal (Neal Caffrey) who winds up working for the FBI man (Peter Burke) who caught him. To stay out of prison, convicted bond forger Neal Caffrey offers to help the FBI capture other white collar criminals using his expertise as an art and securities thief, counterfeiter and racketeer. And it used to be brilliant. Infact the first four season were bloody excellent.


Then season 5 happened. And I guenuinely can't decide whether the writers are trying to get the show cancelled or whether....nope I can only assume the former.  I have theories.

  1.  Peter Burke is NOT going to be working in DC because there are so many ways for him to infact be demoted.
  2. Neal is going to have a bloody terrible time and loose alot of weight (this is based on the knowledge that Matt Bomer, who plays Neal Caffrey, has lost significant weight for the roll in "The Normal Heart" - which I sincerely hope succeeds in telling its story and highlights a gay activist attempts to raise HIV/AIDS awareness during the early 1980s)
  3. Neal might end up in Prison (but oh how I wish Peter would - maybe it would wake him up to reality)
  4. Neal's heart is going to be broken and that's just not right. He's been through enough. We 'get it' Karmas a b***h.

Whatever happens- the soul and heart of the show has been very damaged by the last 11 episodes. Thankgod nothing bad has happened to Mozzie or June- I couldn't have coped. I'll lost the love for Elizabeth too. She says what we're all thinking but doesn't do anything about it. Her lack of action has weakened the best parts of her character.

I honestly don't know if they are taking the show in a new direction (that I will not be following) or if certain characters are departing (Peter and El). I don't mind if Clinton Jones DOES end up as Neals Handler because at least he has a soul and empathy.  The actor, Sharif Atkins, is incredibly strong and I wouldn't mind growing old with him.

Anyways I'll watch it until half time and if it hasn't got a grip - I'm out.

Characters (with scope) NOT welcome


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