Rush (USA)

It's always excellent to see more of Tom Ellis on tv - but to see him as the lead actor on a well written show was absolutely phenomenal.  Rush (on USA) is a medical drama with a few quirks and twists (all called Dr Rush).  And we love it.  A strong pilot and a very strong season.

rush ( tom ellis) usa


A strong cast with no weak links with a quality camera crew, sound, direction and writers.

We enjoyed every episode.

Usually we don't review first seasons (particularly on American Television because they tend to cancel anything thats smart, quick and fun - Firefly, Blacksash, No Ordinary Family, Sarah Connor Chronicles, Common Law, Almost Human, Life as we Know it, Mental, Shattered, Tarzan, Tommorrow People, Sinbad....we could go on) and we're starting to think that someone should create a new Network and call it Rescue (Iron Man joke for the comic peeps).

But you know what - It deserves to be treated better.

Rush is about a talented and incredibly hot physician (Tom Ellis) who lost everything in one fateful night (Although i think if i had Rush's dad i've have jumped off the edge years before). Six years later, he’s a private doctor who treats .... ethically-challenged...clientele in Los Angeles. The cast includes Harry Hamlin, Larenz Tate, Odette Annable, and Sarah Habel.

rush,usa, cast

Rush had everything - wit, humour, drama, tension, darkness, bromance, romance, quirks and identity.

It got good or mixed reviews but we tend to ignore the critics....because to be honest they all seem like bitter idiots who belong in the Victorian Ages.  And Rush (have it been given another season) would have been guaranteed to catch on and become successful.

Try and catch it if you can!!!  Its available over on Amazon Instant Videos. Well worth a binge.

For the Brit Audience - fingers crossed that Miranda marries Gary because we NEED a Tom Ellis fix!!

ps. Note to USA - you cancelled White Collar and now Rush. Which kinda means you have nothing worth watching now. Just thinking out loud.

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