My first experience with the supernatural concept that is "Constantine" was the Keanu Reeves movie. Which I like. (Take that Statis Quo) and Own on DVD (not blu-ray...DVD). In Special Edition Format. (Yep-bought it - Twice!)

My second experience was with the comics (a natural journey into the strange) and they were ok. Needed better writing (oh no she didnt)- But I liked it.

The New 2014 TV series is my third and current experience and for four episodes I have wanted to like it. I really have. But it wasn't working until Now. Episode 5. That, for me, is when the series finally all clicked together. And I sincerely hope it gets renewed.

The fifth episode was about Raising the Dead but what it really did was raise the entire season up a notch. Characters we weren't sure of became solid and connected to the audience. The story folded us into the plot rather than kept us in a semi-baffled/apathetic state.   In Episode 5, I cared about our 'Street Wizard' and even Papa Midnite (who up until this point was a by-the-book big he is....complicated but I like him). Chaz is not Shia Labeouf but even in his stronger, rugged survival-mode (played by Charles Halford) - I worried for him.  Finally I cared.  (Zeds....going to have to work harder).

Constantine has been developed by Daniel Cerone and David S. Goyer for NBC, based on characters appearing in the comic series Hellblazer published by DC Comics under their Vertigo imprint. And the handsome Matt Ryan stars as John Constantine (who's main flaw, in my opinion, is the overuse of the word 'mate' but I can live with that).

Constantine played by Matt Ryan

Constantine played by Matt Ryan

Constantine is a (self-described) petty dabbler of the occult John Constantine, a man struggling with his past sins, tries to protect humanity from a gathering supernatural threat.  It's on Friday Nights on NBC October 24, 2014 – present. Check it out - Let us know what you think.

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