A strange dream

I was walking through a large tall city of marble that smelled of corrupted lavender and dead crow (the only two signs that something was wrong). It seems almost deceptively heavenly and historically Roman except there was no peace.  People were openly passionate with others (in all ways – love, angry, lust, hate) and they had technology almost more advanced than what I’ve seen in 2014.

There were all manners of animals, nothing out of the ordinary, but they smelled terrible. Every animal smelled like wet dog.

I asked a man why there were no cats. He said with sickeningly sick sweet breath – “Eyes of God aren’t welcome here” I replied that “I thought Cats were the eyes of the Devil”. “That’s what He wanted us to think”.

A mistake I considered…a deliberate one.  What a strange place.

I had three cats at home – Samual, Sherlock and Eve.  But I couldn’t remember what they looked like, even how big they were.

I wandered for longer, considering that this dream was lasting far longer than my usual glimpses of other worlds.  I felt sick, unwell. I looked at my body in a sidewalk puddle. I looked ok, the same. Maybe even vainly better.  But I didn’t feel well, I felt cold and shaky and unusual.  Like I shouldn’t be here.

I saw a giant cathedral that looked like a taller version on the Minster in York and it was gleaming white. So white that it had an aura.  But as I tried to focus my sight on it – I realised that the fuzz and slight blur of ‘distance’ didn’t clear. In fact the closer I looked at the white, the more sparkles of grey I could see.

I wasn’t waking up and I decided to leave this place. Find a field or fresh air somewhere. I must have muttered it out loud because a young child bounced up to me wearing a lavender cloak “Why would you want to leave? We’re in heaven” she remarked.

“I feel unwell – I think free air is better” I leaned down and smiled at her but she wasn’t smiling. And her teeth were slightly sharp.

“You can’t escape from here” her voice unchildlike and deep.

“I transcend reality” I found myself saying without meaning to “I am a Scion, a fixed position in time and space. And I am fixed elsewhere”.

“Your kind cannot enter Heaven” she laughed like a drunk man.

“This isn’t heaven, child” I put a hand on her head and she immediate disappeared. No smoke or mist, she was gone.

And everyone around me turned and stared. Their normal blue, brown, green human eyes turned entirely black and the brilliant white setting.

“We can see you” they said together but with the same voice.

I didn’t feel brave but it wasn’t my voice when I answered, a smooth female voice instead “And I see You”.

They honestly growled at that and as I turned, I was surrounded on all sides. I didn’t know what to do and they were so close. Their sweet breaths like artificial sweetener wrapping itself around my skin.

“You will not hold me here” I raised one hand on front of me and one behind me.

“We are coming from you” they said.

“We are already here” I said and I narrowed my eyes “And we will stop you with one sentence, lost souls”.

They laughed again.

And I started to wake up in the real world, but not before I told them all “You are in Hell”.

They screamed “No!” and their entire city disappeared into the emptiness.




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