Tonight Belongs to Datak

Tonight, I'm pretty sure Defiance entered the big leagues in Sci-Fi for taking things just that one surprising step forward.  I've always enjoyed Defiance (on SyFy) - I liked the casting (can't fault the crew) but I always worried that the writing wouldn't expand enough - quickly and cleverly.

I loved the concept of the game (a game that is finally at a good stage and I wish it had been at this quality at the beginning - I think if the game had been more ready it would made a massive difference to the overall Defiance world).

But tonight (without too many Spoilers) I have to say - Datak;  character with the best lines, fantastic acting and the power to surprise the audience (I think we all knew that he'd wriggle out of it but....i just didn't realise how....HOW).

It's hard nowadays for TV to surprise audiences (pleasantly). Infact you get sick of darker and darker series that try and shock with constant gore or nudity (so much so that most people are becoming immune).

Somehow tonight Defiance managed to pull us all into the depths of despair and then offer us a light from the strangest of places.

datak from defiance


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