Mr Robot:More Theories (episode 8). Is Elliot a Memory Resident Virus?

Aside from being the only show on earth to have surprised me in the past decade, tonight it did the video game equivalent of 'Leveling Up'.


I think it is masterful the way the show has had us all questioning the reality of Mr Robot despite leaving clues constantly throughout the first 8 seasons that it is Elliot who is the Enigma. Yes, he’s complicated, troubled and so smart that quite often I am left with the feeling that its myself who is 'not keeping up'.  I knew WHAT he was - hacker, addict, social anxiety, paranoia, possible personality disorders etc. (it’s an extensive list) but I never questioned WHO he was.

He was always Elliot.

Despite the fact that HE told US (seriously - 4th wall - he TOLD us) in episode 4. (I was distracted with the talking fish, whether Mr Robot was real ...and I think i was supposed to be). In fact Episode 4 TOLD us everything. We just weren't listening - He’s in withdrawal, he’s delirious- nothings real. I never saw anything.

Then Angela says - "You're not going to change the World - you were ONLY born a month ago" . Because HE was. Then she tells him that "You're NOT Elliot".  She actually tells us.

And I’m too busy thinking "He looks great in a tux".  And "What was with that goldfish?"

I gotta be honest by the end of episode 8 I decided that Mr Robots probably not entirely real (maybe a personality split), Tyrell*....I have no idea anymore (or maybe i don't WANT him to be a part of Elliot), Angela is...a trojan, Elliot himself might be a Ghost in the Machine.

*Tyrell says in episode 6 "We're all humans. Except me of course" and now that line is fascinating.  He also says that he couldn't bare a life as an ordinary cockroach. Which is not so different from Elliot himself.  If Tyrell's not human he can either be a personality split, a Machine, a Worm Virus or I don't know.  Elliot then refers to himself as the Malware to Tyrell. Maybe Elliot’s not even the dominant personality in this shindig. Maybe it was Tyrell. I'm saying WAS because by episode 8 - Tyrell is losing his grip just as Elliot gets off the drugs, recovers some of his fragmented mind and starts getting 'better'.

Elliot’s mum was...probably unstable. She's almost completely blocked out but anytime she is mentioned - she isn't nice.  In episode 4, I didn't notice the mother forcing her child to eat (a child that now looks remarkably like the kid photos of Elliot himself from episode 8). Ten secs later he’s offered 'Pops' pie - which he eats and finds a key.


In the hallucination (which i now think we should all take seriously) - Elliot’s neighbours were the Alderson’s. Kids retreating into their minds often create new family’s - maybe the Alderson’s were his 'template'.  The house he wants to find out about (but doesn't...really try hard to discover)- is probably his own. The key won't fit because Elliot himself is...glitched or fragmented.

Maybe Mr Robot is the Anti-Virus. Darlene a firewall. Shyla was a test patch (that failed but tried to repair the damage). Elliot a Memory Resident Virus. Tyrell’s the Computer under attack and therefore making mistakes. His wife does seem to be willing to protect him at all costs..maybe she was an outdated Version of Norton (seriously - i had a version of Norton in 1999 that was so vicious it eventually destroyed my protect it). Angela is an ineffective System Restore point.

Oh god…this series is going to reveal that it’s about an infected iphone…isn’t it?

He talks straight to us. The way an infected computer would flash up with errors and time perception issues. If you're machine is in trouble - it usually finds a way (if the virus allows it to) of letting you know.

And if it is all a machine - can I place bets we're inside the one that created the Matrix?

What are YOUR theories? Let us know. We really really want to hear yours!

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