Mr Robot: The Next Episode

Warning this article MAY contain Spoilers for episode 9.... (possibly...because it's Mr Robot and nothing is what it seems).

I have to admit. I let this blog slide into decay - partly because I was distracted by the state of my country and partly because I wasn't feeling very inspired or compelled to write about art (in any form). Honestly I find our little creative realm dull sometimes and unoriginal with everything feeling like a copy of a copy.

Then I came across a TV show called Mr Robot created by Sam Esmail. I'd be lying if I said that I can remember how I even discovered the series. Possibly my dad - he's in Arizona.

But back to Mr Robot. This week; episode 9, promised answers and unlike Lost, Heroes, cancelled shows etc - we actually got answers. I was guenuinely surprised. Because commonly when a show promises answers - it throws us a crap bone that even the cat doesn't want.  Mr Robot managed to give us REAL(ish) answers and I am now even more intrigued. Usually answers have the opposite effect.

Although we are relying on the perspective of the main character Elliot who is...unreliable when it comes to reality (and i'm being very kind with that description). It was raining Answers; Who is Mr Robot, is Elliots dad dead, what was Mr Robots motivation etc. We also got a slightly better understanding of Elliot's innerworkings.

And you would think "Well that's that wrapped up" but no. Because Tyrell himself is not a pretty little bow.

And all of the characters are simply too complex to sum up or part company with. And even though we got some answers, somehow it makes me even MORE curious about EVERYTHING.

That, my friends - is an artform.

Which Mr Sam Esmail has mastered.

Seriously - I am going to be reading, watching etc anything that man creates in the future (even if its the incredients list on the back of a cereal box).

Mr Robot (9 episodes in) rewards us with detail, explanation and mystery at the same time.  It is a ground breaking show.  There is literally NOTHING like it on television.  It has its own style (colour schemes, camera angles, mood lighting etc), originality (a difficult thing, near impossible in this day and age) and something else.

I don't know how to describe it. Normal (boring) shows usually take two seasons to get to the point that Mr Robot is at in 9 episodes. And don't get me wrong - it is not a show for 'passive' watching. It demands your full attention. It commands 100% of all brain functionality (and even then - i still spend most episodes looking like:-


(This goldfish disappoints me because it is NOT talking to me in a hallucinating detox trip)

Tonight the Wait was Indeed Over - so why am I dying to see next weeks episode? To the point where if I could mail my soul to Sam Esmail - I would.


Seriously - I'm asking. Why am I addicted to this show?


New theory: Angela is White Rose. She ACTUALLY KNOWS what shes doing (although doing a spectacular impression of not) - look how far shes got.....An Invite right into the heart of Enemy Territory.

Mr Robot...I want/wish he was real. So what if he was. A dad who lost his entire family - his kids. What if its NOT Elliots hallucination at all. What if Elliot and his sister are Mr Robot (the dad's) hallucination. If you flip it round - Elliots had scenes without Mr Robot and vice versa.

Why are YOU addicted to this show? Let me know....

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