The Flash Dad Theory

Ok so I watched The Flash tonight....and watched the way the show is building Joe up. Maybe its because I just got off doing National November Writing Month...but it got me thinking that if I was a real writer.. wouldn't it be interesting if Barry, fresh from forgiving Harrison Wells (Eobard Thawne edition) who sort of took on a parental roll in season 1 before the epic betrayal...and with everything going so well with Joe and with his real father globe trotting, found out that Zoom was....Earth 2 Joe.  It fits the theme of Barry being (whether intentional or not) betrayed by any Father-Figure.

See Eobard Thawne was a standard betrayal (well in a super hero world at least).  His real Dad leaving him (although entirely understandable) - was heartbreaking and difficult. And Joe having discovered his new son (it might not change dynamics and Barry might not feel a little intimidated...too predictable) - Joes the only one who hasn't really betrayed Barry. And probably never would intentionally. But it would fit the theme if Zoom is either Joe or his real Dad (if it was his dad it would be super ironic since the actor played the Original Flash). But I think it would be amazingly interesting if it was Joe.

I don't know what triggered the concept but I think I was watching Zoom too closely - his height, build and general movement.  Yes I am aware that Joe is not huge and the tallest. But...well he's so laid back that he slouches quite alot.

The writers in Flash are clever - they probably *know* what they are doing for the first few seasons.

But watching that last scene - Zoom...seems to have gotten shorter than when he was dangling Barry by his throat. Look at Harrison's eyeline, compare the heights and then look at Harrison and Joe in the same room. There's no difference (I need a life).  Yes, I am aware that all shots are taken at an angle...but look at the build as well. And then there's that sets my arm hairs off.


Anyways - It's just a theory...maybe I've been watching too much Game Theorists (@MatPatGT) on YouTube.

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