What Happens when you type ‘Art’ into Google on the 24/01/13?

So What Happens when you type 'Art' into Google on the 24/01/13?


This is what Google Images coughed up for me. And for this article - lets chose a few pics. This one is from http://www.johnlydon.com/jlart.html from a guy called John Lydon.


How amazingly vibrant is this? Its a Photoshop painting featuring items of John's clothing for a CD sleeve. On his site he describes it  "I took pictures of bits of my clothing then I spun them into the computer. I started painting them with the colour brushes, and mixed it up to that. I love colours off the computer, I love them, the glow is so great. I swim in those colours…"

Personally I love the sketch underneath as well as the colours of wonderment.

Hubble telescope image of the Carina Nebula, 2010Then there is this marvel. Hubble telescope image of the Carina Nebula, 2010. Photograph: Nasa, ESA, M LIVIO, (STScI)/EPA. Absolutely astounding. We are so lucky to have this at our fingertips. I got a PC when I was 12 and I remember thinking that it was like Star Trek - having all of this technology to learn and see everything. Awesome.

street_art_uncut_bookThen theres this, a clear image from a Street Art Uncut Book by  Matthew Lunn that contains an Extensive Melbourne street art review.

StockwoodDiscoveryCentreTruckArt_jpg_760x760_q85There was this photo from the Open Weekend exhibition of Truck Art at Stockwood Discovery Centre.

One thing you can see in common is that when you type in 'Art' it translates as eye blindingly bright colours and oddly cheers me up and makes me feel more creative.

This is one of the most beloved photos on Street Art Utopias Facebook Page May 2012!-


Whoever you are and whatever you do - sometimes its nice to go back to basic searches. You never know what gifts the internet will give you.

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