Why Elementary is Better than Sherlock

Lets start with a bit of honesty - its not.

Elementary will never be better than Sherlock, however today is the 13th  episode meaning that there is simply more of it. And that offsets the debate.

Unfortunately our Sherlock stars have indeed become famous and this leads to delays of the BBCs measely 3 episode arc because whatever their excuse the BBC is incapable of recruiting new writing talent (I love Steven Moffat but we need 10 more of him) and they don't commit to their own series. We've had entire seasons of Miranda = 6 episode, multiple 2-parters of what is irritatingly becoming what I call; mini dramas (code for  - we couldn't be arsed) and 3 episode series of Sherlock. Even the flagship series of Dr Who is crappily 13 episode. And thats the one they gave a crap about. And then they cancel series that actually 'get a grip' - Merlin, that was for you.  The BBC is insanely insular and crude when in comes to 'series'. If I was Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Freeman - I would run from the inflexible kitten that is the BBC - and never look back.


Which brings us back to Elementary.


It presents a contemporary update of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's character Sherlock Holmes set in the United States. It stars Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes and Lucy Liu as Watson. And it works. It works damn hard. Ignore the gratuitous violence towards women (there seems to be a running theme with women being abused by men - domestic violence, kept as slaves, etc) and you have an enjoyable, watchable, American show from CBS.  With more episodes I feel more connected to Jonny Lee Miller, and I certainly care more. I love Sherlock for my bromance ( Watson: “We solve crimes, I blog about it, and he forgets his pants.”) and witt but I adore Elementary because ITS ON EVERY WEEK.  I like both 'Sherlock' interpretations, recently Mr Millers version is even creeping ahead in terms of complexness.  Hes darker, angrier and after last weeks stabbing- downright sympathetically dangerous.

Yes, Sherlock LOOKS better in terms of quality but honestly - why am I waiting 2yrs for 3 episodes? I'm sure I could kickstarter a new series quicker. I blame the BBC. Completely.

So Why Elementary is Better than Sherlock? - Quantity and Series Management. Simples.


And if you or my co-writers disagree - get in touch or write a blog post!

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