Creative Week (at a glance)

Having completed my latest computer game foray I have come back to the real world. The real-ly creative world.  This article is more of a glance at this weeks creative news.

Lets start with THE master. Leonardo's notebooks have been published online by the British Library– with or without translation. I'm not sure if the grand master would have approved as when it came to publication Leonardo was a luddite and made no effort to get his notes published. But he was also a creative progressor of the arts so hopefully he 'sort off' approves.

Leonardo da Vinci's notebook, British Library

Unfortunately Fisherman’s Friend singer Trevor Grills has died in an accident at the G Live theatre venue in Surrey (that killed the band’s manager) over the weekend.

The band posted on their Facebook page: “The Fisherman’s Friends announce with great sadness that their friend and fellow band member Trevor Grills passed away last night as a result of severe head injuries inflicted during an accident on Saturday 9 February.” “Trevor was a much loved and valued friend to all of us and was an integral part of the Port Isaac community. He will be sadly missed. Our thoughts are with Trevor’s family at this very difficult time.”On Saturday Paul McMullen, manager, was pronounced dead at the G Live theatre.


Today is Abraham Lincoln's Birthday. (12.02.13)

Face value … Abraham Lincoln, the 16th US president.

There was an event at New York fashion week launching the coming exhibition Punk:Chaos to Couture. Punk is prized for its uniqueness and imagination above all.

Punk: Chaos To Couture Press Preview

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