FBI make breakthrough with Boston stolen art!

On the 23rd anniversary of the largest property heist in US history; the theft of £330m worth of art from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston, the FBI announced a new publicity campaign aimed at generating tips on the location of the missing art. Although sensationally they are now claiming to have solved the mystery of who stole the art, however adding a further twist to the tale they are withholding the identities of the thieves.


 For more than two decades the FBI has chased leads around the world, however they are now satisfied they have the identities of the thieves and are focused on bringing the artwork back home. The lost work includes paintings by The Concert by Johannes Vermeer, A Lady and Gentleman in Black by Rembrandt and Storm on the Sea of Galilee Rembrandt's’ only seascape.

While these paintings are still missing, empty frames hang on the walls of the museum to serve as a reminder of the loss, they are also a symbol of hope that the paintings will be recovered.

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